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Welcome to Lucky 7

Lucky7 was the love child of an empty tummy and a fragile bank balance. It's a no airs or graces kind of gaff with a pretty simple aim: to feed the good people of Glasgow with good quality food at very reasonable prices, by staff who're not afraid to crack a joke or a smile... and with a top soundtrack to boot.

Restaurant quality food, canteen prices is how we put it when asked. Rustic, cosy, bohemian and chilled are what we reckon we are and there are plenty of happy punters who'll back us up on that.

Whether it's a table for 2 or a buffet for 50, you'll get the same great Lucky7 experience. If you're not sold yet, then perhaps here's the clincher... lunch mains are £5 and dinner mains from £7.77.

When you're ready then folks...

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Private Dining Room
(Table number 7)

Don't fancy mingling with the commoners, peasants and the riff raff ? we have just the sanctuary
Lock your self away and do as you please.



Vinyl Dining

Vinyl Dining is Lucky 7’s defiant reaction to the iTunes generation. Book our Private Dining Room now.
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